Why Do Online Classes Cost More?

Today, one in five students is now taking an online course. As popularity for online classes grows, the quality, quantity, and value also grows. Students who may have not been able to attend class can now learn at their own pace and earn the credits they need to graduate. But is the cost really worth it?
More than half of colleges charge students an additional fee per-credit to take a distance education course, ranging anywhere from four dollars to seventy-five dollars. That extra money goes towards maintaining a reliable interface for these courses. From training existing staff, to hiring new staff, to keeping up with Federal rules and regulations for the high degree of administrative resources, hosting online classes can get expensive. Not to mention the technology based services of which 55% of colleges outsource their server needs to a third party.
Aside from the inflated cost, online courses have a variety of features that the classroom doesn’t. Working at your own pace, being able to review the materials whenever you want, and little room for missed information, online classes are a unique component to help students earn their degrees.
Take a look at this infographic for more about online courses. Could taking online classes be the right choice for your college career? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to like and share with your friends.

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