What are the best SEO secrets you know?

The world of Search Engine Optimization is ever-changing and the worst part is, you might not even know it. SEO hacks that have worked fine for you till last year are not only obsolete in 2019 but might even hurt your site’s rankings. Especially, if your so-called SEO hacks land your website a penalty from Google.
Well, your online business, let alone any reputed SEO company Los Angeles (or anywhere for that matter) can never be too careful these days when Google is ever-updating its page ranking algorithms and guidelines, besides releasing new features every now and then and paying more attention to websites adopting the “best practices”.
All the more reason for you to stay on the top of the SEO ball, i.e. learning some of the top SEO techniques that can help you skyrocket your search engine rankings along with boosting your number of monthly visitors from organic search. Let’s get straight to them.
Improve UI
As we know, Google always aspires to show the best results for a user’s query and not some irrelevant, low-quality results which will scare the users away. So, optimizing your website for SEO, you will need to work on showcasing the best results to those users. The best way of doing it is by improving the experience that visitors are having with your website. Let’s see how
1. Optimize your content for readability by making your posts go easy on the eyes.
2. Use a bucket brigade technique for explaining any complex idea.
3. Use the inverted pyramid method to present information according to its importance.
4. Use tools such as Google Optimize to analyze and improve page designs.
5. Improve your site speed to secure higher rankings and close more conversions.
Optimize Voice Search
By the end of this year, more than half of the Google searches will be conducted by question-based voice searches. That’s why our second secret is to optimize your website to answer questions (and that too without overhauling your entire website). Ready? Here’s how to do it.
1. Create content targeting long tail keywords (3+ words) instead of short ones.
2. Use structured data to give Google a quick rundown on what your page is about.
Focus on Topic Clusters
As Google is evolving, so is its algorithm and with it, the focus has shifted more to understanding the intention of its users i.e. what they are looking for, what they expect, and how best to answer their queries. User Intent is one such that helps you determine what your users are looking for rather than thinking of different ways users can phrase a search query. For this to work,
1. Know your target audience to create better content and in turn, better your SEO.
2. Organize your content by breaking it down into topic and clusters.
3. Research well your keywords before use and use them sparingly, not too often.
Longer Content
Yes, it is true. Recent studies have shown that the longer the content for the blog post, the higher are its chances of ranking at the top. However, I understand writing a 2000+ words blog post isn’t easy, not only is it intensive and time-consuming but often times, not necessary at all. Though one cannot determine how long is good enough but in case, you decide to go down that road, here are a few tips.
For instance, you can always elaborate an already existing smaller content into a bigger one. One primary benefit is, since it contains both an established authority and the readership, you won’t have to deal with the trouble of starting entirely from scratch but can easily refresh and update your older post that is already doing well on Google.
Try Experimenting
If you are those lucky ones who have resources to spare in your business, why stay limited with the traditional techniques, why not move ahead and consider launching some SEO experiments on your own. They will not only let you venture outside of proven techniques but also help you look for opportunities to innovate. Here are a few such ideas.
1. If you haven’t, try outsourcing video production and see how far it takes you.
2. For some time, stop making new pages and focus entirely on the promotion of those existing.
3. Create a niche website to carry out your experiments and promotions without affecting your business.
So, how many of these SEO strategies are you currently familiar with? If none, then also don’t worry. It’s never too late to improve your strategy. Use the secrets mentioned in this article to enhance your website’s search engine ranking. And if you have some secrets of your own to share, well, I am all ears.

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